This program [Key Manager] is genius!
Pros: Very simple, intuitive, lightweight and cute. And it works!
Cons: Haven't found anything yet.
Summary: I was spending more then 4 hours in order to find a program which can replace Left, Right, Up, Down buttons with Alt+JKLI, that I think is very useful when programming or editing text. Most of the macros programs don't offer the possiblility of ramapping keys, others that offer just don't work! Finally I found this program. Of course it has much more useful functions., User reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Key remapping doesn't work in one program. Why?

  • This may be happening because the program has higher-level permissions than Key Remapper. You can try starting Key Remapper with admin rights. To do that, unload Key Remapper from the memory, right click on the Key Remapper shortcut and select "Run as Administrator" from the context menu.

  • You can also try starting Key Remapper later – that is, starting the program causing the issue first and launching Key Remapper afterwards.

  • If you use Exceptions (the "Apply" field), then please check that the paths to the executable files are correct. They can change, for example, if profiles were transferred from another computer.

  • Check if Key Remapper is paused. The pause mode can be enabled or disabled in the main program window, as well as by choosing the corresponding command from the context menu of the taskbar icon or by clicking the icon with the middle mouse button/wheel.

2. Key Remapper stops working after a while and gives me the error message "Mouse Hook Error" (or "Keyboard Hook Error") when I exit it. How can I fix this?

This bug was fixed in version 1.11 build 435 (January 4, 2019). Please download and install the latest version.

3. Can I remap a key combination to another key combination?

Key Remapper does not support such a feature. You can use our more functional program Key Manager.

4. Can I remap keys depending on the keyboard layout?

Key Remapper does not support such a feature. You can use our more functional program Key Manager.

5. Key Remapper conflicts with another program, what should I do?

You can try to disable the following two options in the Key Remapper Options window:

  • Remap internal programmatic mouse button presses.

  • Remap internal programmatic key presses.

6. Can I assign two or more key replacements to a single key?

No. If more than one replacements are assigned to a key, only the top one in the list will be performed.

7. Is reverse key replacement possible?

It is. To do so, you need to make two replacements: replace the first key with the second one and then replace the second key with the first one.

8. Can I redefine the Sleep key on my keyboard?

Yes, you can. However, you will first need to disable this action in Windows (Control Panel -> Power Options). Emulating the press of the Sleep key is not always possible. It depends on the hardware of your computer and your operating system.

9. Key Remapper does not detect special keys on the keyboard of my laptop. Why?

Hardware manufacturers often provide specialized key mapping software for special keys on keyboards and laptops (for instance, such applications for volume control buttons show the volume level on the screen). Sometimes such applications "monopolize" keys, which makes their remapping impossible. Not installing such programs may be one of the possible solutions.

10. I have a laptop. The Fn key on my keyboard doesn't work after redefinition. Why?

Some models of laptops and specialized keyboards have keys with hardcoded functions, which makes them hard to identify and read.

11. Is it possible to remap the special key "" on Xiaomi Redmibook Pro 15 laptop?

Yes, but for this you need to disable the OSD Utility (Xiaomi Inc.) application in Windows startup. The Fn key on this laptop can also be remapped.

12. What's the difference between "On press", "On release" and "Synchronously"?

For example, if you need to remap F1 -> Shift:

"On press": When you press F1 — Shift is pressed programmatically and immediately released. When you release F1 — nothing happens.

"On release": When you press F1 — nothing happens. When you release F1 — Shift is pressed programmatically and immediately released.

"Synchronously": When you press F1 — Shift is pressed programmatically. When you release F1 — Shift is released programmatically.

13. The program is unstable, modifier keys stick. All keys start to work incorrectly. How to fix it?

This bug was fixed in version 1.12. Please download and install the latest version.

14. Key Remapper won't start at all. Why?

We have found out that Key Remapper won't start if Comodo Internet Security 5 is running. To solve the problem, update the antivirus software or add keyremapper.exe to Defence+ -> Defence+ Settings -> Execution Control Settings -> Detect shellcode injections -> exclusions in Comodo.

15. Is there a key for launching Key Remapper in the background and placing it into the system tray right away? I need the program to be launched discreetly.

Yes, you can use the /hidden or /autorun key for this purpose. Note that if the /autorun key is used and the "Launch when Windows starts" option is not enabled, the program won't start at all.

16. How to remap the press of the left mouse button?

To do that, press the left mouse button in the key detection field while holding down the Ctrl key (or any other modifier). However, you should be careful remapping the left mouse button, as you risk losing control over your mouse. If it happens, you can pause the program by pressing the Ctrl+P combination or by pressing the middle mouse button on the program icon on the taskbar. Finally, you can press the Alt+Ctrl+Del combination and end the program manually in the task manager.

17. Can I install Key Remapper under Windows 98, Windows ME or an earlier version of Windows?

No. Due to the fact that there are no users of these operating systems, Key Remapper does not support them. This was done for optimization purposes in order to keep Key Remapper free of unused functions.

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